What will you give?

Dear Friends,

Ready or not it is here.  We will begin to hear those words, "All I want for Christmas is..."  The spirit of Christmas is upon us and searching for the perfect gift is on.  I do love to give good gifts, but I also love the idea of someone bringing me gits, too.  The heart of giving gifts is part of our human DNA.  God created us as a giving people because being in His image, we serve a giving God.  The Greatest Gift God gave us was His Son born in a manger.  The wise men showed up bearing gifts for Jesus.  Christmas has always been a time of giving.  We give gifts to loved ones, friends and co-workers, we give to the ones who may be struggling this Christmas, and for some we even give to our pets.

We give and receive Christmas gifts remembering the greatest Christmas gift of all:  The Christ Child; Emmanuel, God with us.  We will wrap and unwrap many gifts this season, but we must remember the gifts of Heaven that are not wrapped.  Through Christ we receive many gifts that are good news to our lives.  

The Darling of Heaven brings with Him:

              ...The Good News of the Word taking on flesh.

              ...A new understanding of who He is.

              ...A strong foundation for which we may stand.

              ...A new lifestyle for living.

Jesus brings gifts that we can share with other.  What will you give this Christmas?

Pastor Doug